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Y2K Ditty

Y2k Ditty
 (Linda Hirschhorn c 1998)

 The year 2000 is approaching fast --
 Some people think the world is headed fo-r a crash;
 Come, my friends, let's raise our voices
 What else is there to d-o when the on-ly choice is

 CHO: singing
     Calypso -- apocalyptic song,
     Calypso a cappella, apocalyptic song.

 This century full of terror and fright
 Let's just start it over and this time we do it right
 Shut off the computers and the videos and TV
 Bring peace upon the planet by singing harmony,

 Millenium fever take us by surprise
 Together we will tumble or together we rise
 Y2K is an opportunity
 To go back to mother nature and comunity.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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