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The Girl From Yewdall's Mill

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The Girl From Yewdall's Mill

It is of girl at Fairmont that I am going to sing
Her cruel, sad misfortune, tears to your eyes will bring;
She loved a gallant boatman who always dressed to kill,
She was a cotton-dolly, and she wrought in Yewdall's Mill.

He feasted her all winter, they had a merry time;
He took her to balls and dancing school, until he spent every dime.
At length the springtime came around, the canal began to fill,
He was forced to leave this charming girl that wrought in Yewdall's Mill.

Oh, When it came to parting, it was a cruel task,
They hung to each other's lips like a toper to a flask;
The tears that ran down their cheeks, a washtub they would fill,
It was hard to part with this charming girl that wrought in Yewdall's Mill

He says, "Farewell, my love, I am going o'er the deep,"
And for a love token, here is a nickel to keep;
And when the season is over, why marry you I will,
"If you don't, I will spend it all for snuff," says the girl from
   Yewdall's mill.

The captain called to him at last, and he was forced to go,
So he shouldered his feed trough and jumped on board the scow.
While sailing down the river, he gazed at Fairmount Hill,
Where he saw the shaker bonnet of this girl from Yewdall's Mill.

No tidings did she get from him and the summer near passed by
At length by a traction express she received a note one day;
Saying he had been kicked by a mule up at Phoenixville
"He was a damn fool to go near the mule," said the girl from Yewdall's

He was a gay deceiver, for soon the news came down
He had married a big Dutch girl who weighed three hundred pounds,
And was keeping a lager beer saloon up on Guinea Hill
And quite forgot the doffer he had left at Yewdall's Mill.

Oh, when she found that he was false, she says, "I will stop my
She spent that five cents all for snuff, and rubbed herself to death.
And every night at twelve o'clock, on top of Fairmont Hill
The ghost of Bedelia may be seen gazing on Yewdall's Mill.

From The Canaller's Songbook, Hullfish

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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