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The Yellow Rose of Texas (2)

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The Yellow Rose of Texas (2)
(New lyrics by Faith Petric; music traditional c.1983)

The Yellow Rose of Texas was a woman fair to see
Though many loved her beauty, she lived in slavery,
When war was fought in Texas and the battles shook our lives
General Santa Anna took Emily as a prize.

Cho: She's the sweetest rose of color that Texas ever knew
     Her eyes are bright as diamonds, they sparkle like the dew,
     You may talk about your Clementine, And sing of Rosa Lee
     But the Yellow Rose of Texas is the only girl for me.

He tried to win her favors, thought himself a dashing man
But his courtship she rejected, and she stole his battle plan;
Then sent it to Sam Houston, for this she found a way
And so the Union Army fought and won the day.

Where the Rio Grande is flowing lived a woman brave and fine
A heroine of the people and honored in her time
The Yellow Rose of Texas has long been laid to rest
But history would be different without the lovely Emily West.
   (last chorus changes to past tense.)

Faith  Petric's version of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" is based on
the legend of Emily Morgan West.  According to the story,  Emily,
who  was born a slave was captured by general Santa  Anna  during
the Texas Revolution in 1836.  The General, who fancied himself a
womanizer,  tried  to win her charms.  Not only did he fail to do
so, but Emily managed to smuggle Santa Anna's battle plans to Sam
Houston  who  then  defeated the General at  the  Battle  of  San
Jacinto.  There  are several variations to this tale but there is
little historical evidence to support any of the versions. It was
a word-of-mouth story in the 19th century,  one that people would
talk about,  but would not write down, so it has become a part of
popular folklore. Faith's version is on her record "As We Were".
copyright Faith Petrick

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