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Yellow Rose of Saigon

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Yellow Rose of Saigon
(Tom Bowen)

She's the Yellow Rose of Saigon,
And I think she banned the twist,
But she's a real cute, little dolly,
She's one I think I've missed.
You can talk about the President,
And about his brother Nhu,
But don't talk about my Yellow Rose,
If you know what's good for you.

She's angry at the Buddhists,
And she hates the New York Times,
Because they always rib her,
And accuse her of awful crimes.
What's a little joke about cook-outs,
Or imported gasoline?
Why, that's mostly exaggeration,
She's really not that mean.

Yes, my Little Rose of Saigon,
Is just a poor little refugee.
She fled down from Hanoi,
To make jobs for you and me.
She's snowed old Maxwell Taylor,
And Ambassador Nolting too,
<Now JFK's her buddy,
And gives her money too.>*

So my Yellow Rose of Saigon,
Stays off of Tu Do Street.
She doesn't go much for loving,
But at intrigue can't be beat.
I look for many changes,
When she meets with Mr. Lodge.
'Cause it's said that he's a sucker,
For eastern camouflage.

Yes, my Little Rose of Saigon,
Is a veteran through and through.
She's careful with her money,
In case there is a coup.
She's got to salvage something,
From this political enterprise.
Before the VC lose their fight,
And America gets wise.

Now my Yellow Rose of Saigon
Is in the USA,
To be a UN member,
In the good old fashioned way
You can talk about the President
And about her husband Nhu,
But don't talk about my Yellow Rose
If you know what's good for you.

* or <Got a bright green light from JFK
     And three billion dollars, too.>
From The Longest Year, Bowen and Fish

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