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Down in Yon Forrest

Down in Yon Forrest

 the refrain lines are:
 sing may, queen may, sing mary
 sing all good men for the newborn baby

 down in yon forest be a hall
 'tis coverlidded over with purple and pall

 and in that hall is a pallet bed
 'tis stained with blood a scarlet red

 and by that bed there lies a stone
 on which the virgin did atone

 and under that hall is a gushing flood
 from christ's own side hit's water and blood

 and by that bed a shrub tree grows
 since he was born hit blooms and blows

 and on that bed a young squire sleeps
 his wounds are sick, and see, he weeps

 o hail yon hall where none can sin
 'cause hit's gold outside and silver within

indeed collected and arranged by John Jacob Niles, and
 the copyright (1935) must therefore refer to the arrangement. the tune is
 quite different from the corpus christi carol...

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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