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Yon High High Hill

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Yon High High Hill

As I gaed ower yon high high hill
I met a bonnie lassie;
She looked tae me an' I tae her
And oh but she was sassy.

cho: Lin tae toorin ray, fol the diddle ay
     Fal the diddle ido, lil tae toorin rae.

"Oh what's your name my bonnie bonnie lass,
Oh what's your name my honey?"
Quite modestly she answered me,
"My mammy calls me Annie."

"Far are ye gyaun my bonnie bonnie lass,
Far are gyaun my honey?"
Quite modestly she answered me,
"An errand for my mammy."

"Wid ye tak' a lad, my bonnie bonnie lass,
Wid ye tak' a lad, my honey?"
Quite modestly she answered me,
"I daur nae for my mammy."

"I will come tae you in the middle o' the nicht,
When the moon is shining clearly,
An' ye will rise and let me in
An' the auld wife winna hear me."

Oh there I lay that lee lang nicht,
An' we parted there next morning,
As up I rose, put on my clothes,
Says "Fare thee weel, my darlin'."

"Ah sodger, ye maun marry me,
An noo's the time or never.
Ah sodger ye maun marry me,
Or I am done forever."

From The Scottish Folksinger, Buchan and Hall
Note: See also Rocky Mountain for American version (or derivative or
 something) RG
DT #334
Laws O17

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