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Here's yet another index of the Digital Tradition Folk Music Database; you can read about the Digital Tradition at their main site at Mudcat. This version differs in that songs which have tunes have those tunes available as GIFs or PostScript scores. This version is currently using the Spring '02 version of the database.

Anyway, this is a copy of the Digital Tradition database of folk songs and I'm letting you search it. You can enter some text here and any songs with matching words will be displayed.

This site is completely unsupported. I maintain it for my private use; it is only publically available because it is easy to do so. You can try to contact me, but I can't promise an answer.

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Scores may be slow downloading, as only a few are cached; the rest are created on demand.

The GIF scores are fairly low resolution; they're about good enough to read the music and lyrics. The PostScript is of much higher quality.

The scores are generated by a program which reads the SongWright format and converts it into a format usable by PMW, a utility for typesetting music. (last I looked, PMW was available here). PMW also generates MIDI files, though I'm not perfectly happy with the result. The code I generate here works with PMW version 4.06, but should behave with other versions. (sorry, Lilypond is no longer supported)

Many people are only interested in songs that have tunes. Here's the alphabetical listing of only those songs which have tunes available:

Tunes: ? A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

All the tunes in ABC format: abc_dtrad.tar.gz (458 K) (What's ABC?)
All the tunes in PMW format: pmw_dtrad.tar.gz (956 K) (What's PMW?)
All the tunes as MIDI files: midi_dtrad.tar.gz (438 K)
All the tunes as GIF images: gif_dtrad.tar.gz (75 M)

Some other stuff:

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