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Are You Drinking With Me, Jesus?

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Are You Drinking With Me, Jesus?
(Peter Berryman)

Do you nestle by my barstool
Makin' me so calm within
Have you touched me with your warmness
Or have I touched myself with gin?

cho:  Are you drinkin' with me Jesus
      I can't see you very clear
      If you're drinkin' with me Jesus
      Won't you buy a friend a beer?

If you're omnipresent, Jesus
You don't have to use the phone
If you're always by my side, Lord
You need never drink alone

Do you teeter with me, Jesus
On my way home so forlorn
If you think that you feel bad now
Wait until tomorrow morn

Does your head pound with the masses
As hungover you do rise
What does heaven look like, Jesus
Seen through holy bloodshot eyes

Should we take a taxi, Jesus
Should we try to walk from here
I know you can walk on water
Can you walk on this much beer?

Copyright Lou & Peter Berryman

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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