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The Drummer and the Cook (2)

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The Drummer and the Cook (2)

There was a little drummer, and he loved a one a (eyed) cook
She  was a handsome creature, but she had a squinting look
And every night the drummer came, he eyed her look so nimbly
With the one eye on the pot and the other up the chimney.

cho: Wi' his wak-row-de-dow, fal-al-daddie
      Wi' his wak-row-de-dow, fal-al-a-ral-a-ray

It happened on a night, when all was fast asleep
That the drummer, little rogue, from his barracks he did creep
An' he came, he brought his drum; his heart it beat like thunder,
An' like the very mischief he gied in below the window.

The cook she knew the signal she rose and let him in
The supper being over it caused him for to grin
As down he sat to a goose quite fat, an' aye he twigged a bottle
But scarcec had he begun when a bone stuck in his throttle.

The cook took up the drumstick, she gave him such a souch
She gave him such a souch, till she wakened all the house
Her master rose wi' his night clothes, came down the stair a-smoking
Where he found the cook a-fighting and the little drummer choking

When she saw her master she gave another blow
She gave him such a blow, till down the bone did go
The drummer up an' to his heels, it was just for to run, sir
When the first step that he took was right into his drum, sir.

He tried for to get out of it, but could not make it out
So he dunted out the bottom o't an' hauled it round [his waist] (about)
An' when he ran right doon the streety, he tumbled in the gutter
Syne the police, he bawled out, "Such a walking kit of butter".

The drummer got some stripes for this, which caused him get disgrace
The cook she lost her character, besides she lost her place
Now all ye cooks an' maidens fair, jist coort when ye think proper
Tell your sweetheart ere he comes to be sure he tak's his supper.

From The Grieg-Duncan Collection
Collected 1908

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