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Hunting the Wren

Hunting the Wren

We'll hunt the wren, says Robin to Bobin
We'll hunt the wren, says Richie the Robin
We'll hunt the wren, says Jack of the land
We'll hunt the wren says everyone

  The wren, the wren is king of the birds
  St. Stephen's Day he's caught in the furze
  Although he is little, his family is great
  We pray you, good people to give us a trate

Where, oh where? ....

In yonder green bush

How get him down?

With sticks and stones
How get him home?

The brewer's big cart

How'll we ate him?

With knives and forks

Who'll come to the dinner?

The king and the queen

Eyes to the blind, says Robin to Bobbin
Legs to the lame, says Richie the robin
(Pluck) to the poor, says Jack of the land
Bones to the dogs, says everyone

From Folksongs of Britain, Songs of Ceremony
see also Let's Go to the Woods Cutty Wren (2) The Wren Song

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