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The John Birch Society

The John Birch Society
(Michael Brown)

Oh we're meeting at the courthouse at eight o'clock tonight
You just come in the door and take the first turn to the right
Be careful when you get there, we'd hate to be bereft
But we're taking down the names of everybody turning left

     'Cause we're the John Birch Society, the John Birch Society
     Here to save this country from a communistic plot
     We're the John Birch Society, help us swell the ranks
     To get this movement started, we need lots of tools and cranks

Now there's no one that's certain that the Kremlin doesn't touch
We think that Westbrook Pegler doth protest a bit too much
We only hail the hero from whom we got our name
We're not sure what he did, but he's our hero all the same

     Join the John Birch Society, the John Birch Society
     Socialism is the ism dismalist of all
     Join the John Birch Society, there's so much to do
     Have you heard they're serving vodka at the W.C.T.U.

Well you've heard about the agents that we've already named
Well M.C.A. has agents that are flatly unashamed
We're after Rosie Clooney, we've gotten Pinky Lee
And the day we get Red Skelton won't that be a victory

For we're the John Birch Society, the John Birch Society
Norman Vincent Peale may think he's kidding us along
But the John Birch Society knows he spilled the beans
He keeps on preaching brotherhood, but we know what he means

We'll teach you how to spot 'em in the city or the sticks
'Cause even Jasper Junction is just full of Bolsheviks
The CIA's subversive and so's the FCC
There's no one left but thee and we, and we're not sure of thee

Oh we're the John Birch Society, the John Birch Society
Here to save our country from a Communistic plot
Join the John Birch Society, holding off the Reds
We'll use our hands and hearts, and if we must, we'll use our heads

BRIDGE: (O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain)

spoken:   Friends, do you want Justice Warren to be your Commissar?

Do you want Mrs. Khrushchev in there with the DAR?

You cannot trust your neighbors, or even next-of-kin

If mommy is a Commie then you gotta turn her in

To the John Birch Society, the John Birch Society
Fighting for the right to fight the right fight for the right
Join the John Birch Society, as we're marching on
We'll all be glad to see you when we're meeting in the John
In the John, In the John Birch Society

The songbook states that some Bircher's used the song themselves, and saw it
in a positive light.  And don't forget the organization dedicated to the
preservation of wooden toilet seats - The Jack Ash Society.

- Copyright:  1961, Sunbeam Music Corp, New York
- Source: The Mitchell Trio Songbook, Quadrangle Book (1964)
- Chad Mitchell Trio, At The Bitter End, Kapp: KL-1281, KS-3281, PKS-6002
- Chad Mitchell Trio: The Best Of, Kapp: KL-1334, KS-3334


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