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Jock Stewart

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Jock Stewart


Now, my name is Jock Stewart
I'm a canny gaun man,
And a roving young fellow, I've been.

     So be easy and free
     When you're drinkin wi' me.
     I'm a man you don't meet every day.

I have acres of land;
I have men at command;
I have always a shilling to spare.
(And many   )

Now, I took out my gun,
With my dog I did shoot,
All down by the River Kildare
                (banks of the Try)

I'm a piper by trade
And a roving young blade
And many a tune I do play

Let us catch well the hours
And the minutes that fly
And we'll share them together this day

So, come fill up your glasses
Of brandy and wine,
And whatever the cost, I will pay.


The song is an Irish narrative ballad that has been shortened to
an Aberdeenshire drinking song.  It is essentially Jeannie
Robertson's version, slightly modified by Archie Fisher in the
third verse so the dog doesn't get shot.  It is alternatively
claimed by the Singing Stewarts to have been written for Bell's

Recorded by Archie Fisher on "The Man With A Rhyme,"  Folk
Legacy, FSS-61, Copyright 1976.

The fourth and fifth verses are from the singing of Ian McGregor


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