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Old Fat Boat (Mattapoisset Harbor Inventory)

Old Fat Boat (Mattapoisset Harbor Inventory)
(Gordon Bok)

So, here I am, man, all alone again,
Anchored away the hell and gone again.
Another mile from another town,
The wind Northeast n' the rain coming down.

Home is the sailor, home from the sea;
He's a home for the mildew, a friend to the flea.
I don't care, man, I'm happy.

I got an old fat boat, she's slow but handsome,
Hard in the chine and soft in the transom.
I love her well; she must love me,
But I think it's only for my money.

And I don't mind staying, and I don't mind going,
But I some damn tired of rowing.

No more tobacco, no more cheese;
I'm sprung in the back and lame in the knees.
It's a damned good thing I'm easy to please;
There ain't nothing in town on a Sunday.

I don't care, man, I'm happy.

    I got an old fat boat...etc.

You know, I got milk and I got ice;
I got home-made bread, a little old, but nice.
Everybody puts their cooking hat on
When you tell 'em you're leaving in the morning.

     And I don't mind staying...etc.

Oh, hey, you know I got coffee, I got tea,
I got the beans and the beans got me.

I got tuna fish, I got rum,
I got a two pound splinter in my thumb.
So I'll take my toddy and my vitamin C
And the radio for my company.
Oh, me. I got the hydrogen peroxide blues.

I don't care, man, I'm happy.
I got an old fat boat...etc.

Well, mercy, mercy, I do declare,
If half the fun of going is getting there,
Mercy, Percy, you better start rowing,
'Cause the other half of getting there is going.

From the Gordon Bok CD from Folk-Legacy ""North Wind's Clearing""
which is a compilation of boat and water songs from earlier
Folk-Legacy LPs, come these words. BX
Copyright Folk-Legacy

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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