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Shake Sugaree

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Shake Sugaree
(Libba Cotten)

I have a little song, won't take long
Sing it right, once or twice
Oh lord oh me, didn't I shake sugaree
Everythiny I got is done in pawn (2x)

I pawned my watch, pawned my chain
Pawned everything that was in my name

I pawned my buggy, house and cot
Pawned everything that was on my lot

I pawned my chair, I pawned my bed
Don't have nowhere to lay my head

I have a little secret I ain't gonna tell
I'm goin' to heaven in a ground pea shell

I pawned my house, I've pawned my home
Pawned everything that I own

I pawned my tobacco, I pawned my pipe
Pawned everything that was in my sight

I know something, I ain't gonna tell
I'm goin' to heaven and I ain't goin' to ...

I pawned my hat, I pawned my shoes
Pawned everything that I could use

I chew my tobacco, spit my juice
I would raise cain but it ain't no use


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