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Wait Till the Work Comes Round

Wait Till the Work Comes Round
(Gus Elen, 1906.)

Some people knuckle down through being out of work,
But I ain't one of them, not me.
If a gaffer starts to nag,
I soon picks up me bag
And I flops him one with this, you see...
It don't do to make people think you're out of work,
Cause they're bound to turn their heads the other way.
It makes no odds to me what the future's going to be
So long as I've got all I want today...

Cho: So, what's the use of kicking up a row
     If there ain't no work about?
     If you can't get a job, you can rest in bed
     Till the school kids all come out.
     And if you can't get work, you can't get the sack--
     That's an argument that's sensible and sound.
     So, lay your head back on your pillow,
     And read the Daily Mirror;
     And wait till the work comes round.

When trade gets very rocky and you has to take the nocky,
It's best to face the music like a brick.
And if creditors come down on you for everything you own,
You should bash them on the crumpet with a stick!
A lot of people walk the streets, a-looking out for work
Till they haven't got a leg to call their own;
Instead of just a-waiting for the work to come to them,
With their feet stuck on the mantle-piece at home... (Chorus)

An English music-hall song

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