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Blacksmith Courted Me

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Blacksmith Courted Me

A blacksmith courted me, I loved him dearly
He played upon his pipes both neat and trimly
With his hammer in his hand he strikes so steady
He makes the sparks to fly all round his smithy

I love to watch my love with his hammer swinging
I love to hear it fall on the anvil ringing
The note is loud and clear, the sparks are flying
My love is handsome then, there's no denying

My love's at the bellows now, the fire is roaring
It's getting mighty hot the flames are soaring
Nothing can be more gay when the flames are going
And at night 'tis bright as day when my love is blowing

Where is my love a-gone with his cheeks like roses?
He's gone across the fields gathering primroses
The sun does shine too clear, it will burn his beauty
I will go seek my love to do my duty

Strange news is come to town, strange news is carried
Strange news flies up and down: my love is married
I wish him joy though he's my love no longer
For I love my old love still, my blacksmith yonder

What did you promise me when you lay beside me?
You promised to marry me and not deny me
It's witness I've got none but the Almighty
And he will punish you for slighting of me

I looked in a glass, my head I shaked
To think I loved a lad who was false-hearted
I wish him well to do, he does not hear me
I shall not die for love, he need not fear me

see also Brave Wolfe or the Battle of Quebec
Printed in Seeds of Love by Stephen Sedley
Collected by Cecil Sharp from a York broadside c 1825
sometimes a shoemaker (recorded by Steel Eye Span?)

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