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Brave Wolfe or the Battle of Quebec

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Brave Wolfe or the Battle of Quebec

Bad news is come to town, bad news is carried
Some says my love is dead, others say she's married
As I was a-pond'ring on this, I took to weeping
They stole my love away whist I was sleeping

Love, here's a ring of gold, long years I've kept it
Madame, it's for your sake, will you accept it?
When you the posy read, think on the giver
Madame, remember me, for I'm undone forever

Then away went this brave youth, and embarked all on the ocean
To free Americay was his intention
He landed in Quebec with all his party
The city to attack, being brave and hardy

He drew his armies up in lines so pretty
On the Plains of Abraham back of the city
At a distance from the town where the French would meet him
In double numbers who resolved to beat him

Montcalm and this brave youth together walked
Between two armies they like brothers talked
Till each one took his post and did retire
It was then these numerous hosts commenced to fire

Little did he think death was so near him
When shot down from his horse was this our hero
We'll long regret his loss in tears of sorrow

He raised up his head where the cannons did rattle
And to his aide he said, "How goes the battle?"
His aide-de-camp replied, "it's ending in our favor"
"Then," says this brave youth, "I quit this earth with pleasure"

DT #358
Laws A1
printed in Traditional American Folksongs by Anne and Frank
see also Blacksmith Courted Me

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