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The Maid From Buncloudy

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The Maid From Buncloudy

 Oh were I at the moss house
 Where the birds do increase
 By the foot of Mount Leinster
 Or some silent place
 By the streams of Buncloudy
 Where all pleasures do meet
 And all that I ask is
 One kiss from you sweet

 Oh the streams of Buncloudy
 They flow down to the sea
 By the streams of Buncloudy
 I am longing to be
 A-drinking stong liquor
 At the height of my cheer
 Here's a health to Buncloudy
 And the lass I love dear

 Oh the cuckoo is a pretty bird
 And she sings as she flies
 She brings us glad tidings
 And she tells us no lies
 She sucks all of the small birds' eggs
 Just to make her voice clear
 And the more she sings cuckoo
 The summer draws near

 If I were a clerk
 And I could write a good hand
 I would write to my true love
 So that she'd understand
 That I am a young fellow
 Who is wounded in love
 Once I lived in Buncloudy
 But now must remove

 So farewell to my father
 And my mother adieu
 To my sister and my brother
 Farewell unto you
 I am bound out for America
 My fortune to try
 When I think on Buncloudy
 I am ready to die

 Source: Martyn Wyndham-Read 'The Maid from Buncloudy' recorded on Martyn
 Wyndham-Read 'Martyn Wyndham-Read' Trailer LER 2028. Martyn noted that he learn
ed the
 song from Brian Mooney.
Usually known as "The Streams of Bunclody" in Ireland (Bunclody is in Co. Wexfor


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