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Died for Love

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Died for Love

I wish my baby it was born
And smiling on his daddy's knee
And I poor girl was in my grave
With the long green grass a-growing all over me

O grieve, o grieve and I'll tell you why
Because that young girl has more gold than I
He takes this young girl on his knees
And he tells her tales that he won't tell me

I wish, I wish, but it's all in vain
I wish I was a sweet maid again
But a maid again I never shall be
Till apples grow on an orange tree

Dig me my grave long wide and deep
Put a marble stone on my head and feet
And on my breast place a white snow dove
For to let the world know that I died for love

recorded by Carthy/Swarbrick on "Prince Heathen" (1969)

"It has been suggested that this is a fragment of a much longer
ballad but it's really immaterial when what you have stands
perfectly well on its own. Taken from the Grainger collection
of Lincolnshire songs, from the singing of Joseph Taylor." MJ

Note: Isla Cameron sang two initial verses:

A poor young farmer courted me
He gained my heart and my liberty
He gained my heart with a free good will
And I must confess that I love him still.

I wish, I wish, but it's all in vain
I wish I was a maid again
But a maid again, that never can be
Since that young farmer lay still with me.

see also Butcher's Boy There is a Tavern in the Town Waly Waly (Jamie Douglas) Water is Wide
tune transcribed by Karen Myers from singing of Isla Cameron

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