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Bonnie Lass of Fenario

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Bonnie Lass of Fenario

D             Bm   F#m   G  D
As we marched down to Fenario (2x)
    G               D                       Bm
Our captain feel in love with a lady like a dove
        D            Bm         F#m    G     D
And the name she was called was pretty Peggy-o

Come go along with me, Pretty Peggy-o (2x)
In coaches you will ride with your true love by your side
Just as grand as any lady in the areo

What would your mother think, Pretty Peggy-o (2x)
What would your mother think for to hear the guineas clink
And the soldiers all a marching before you o

You're the man that I adore, Handsome Willi-o (2x)
You're the man that I adore, but your fortune is too low
I'm afraid my mother would be angry-o

Come a tripping down the stairs, Pretty Peggy-o (2x)
Come a tripping down the stair, tie up your yellow hair
Bid a last farewell to handsome Willy-o

If ever I return, Pretty Peggy-o (2x)
If ever I return, The city I will burn
And destroy all the ladies in the areo

Our captain, he is dead, Pretty Peggy-o
Our captain he is dead, he died for a maid
And he's buried in Louisiana county-o

recorded by Joan Baez on her Ballad Book
  and by Judy Collins on Golden Apples

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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