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Have a Nice Day

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Have a Nice Day

Come all you good Americans, the loyal, brave and true
Let's wrap ourselves completely in the old red, white and blue
For Jesus and free enterprise we must prepare the way,
And anyone who does not heed must be prepared to pay.

cho: Have a nice day, have a nice day.
     Don't heed those words of wickedness that might lead you astray
     See, hear and speak no evil, just work real hard and pray
     God loves you and he hopes you have a nice day.

We can't abide with welfare or believe in poverty
Because this nation is the land of opportunity.
If you're lazy, weak or stupid then you might not make the grade.
But why should we support you with the money we have made?

We believe in conservation and will do all that we can
To manage our resources for the benefit of man.
And we believe that Judgment Day is coming with all haste
And anything that we don't use will then have gone to waste.

We believe in the creation, evolution is a sham,
And for you awful humanists we do not give a damn,
'Cause we believe in science when the word of God agrees,
And we believe in science that destroys our enemies.

Copyright 1985 Mark Graham

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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