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The Paisley Officer

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The Paisley Officer

Oh blithe and bonny is fair Scotland,  where the blue bells gently grow,
There lived a young and pretty lass, down in the lowlands low,
And many times there came a chief all from the banks of Clyde,
Although her  cottage was poor and low, she was called the village pride.

But an officer from Pais-e-ley town came out to fowl one day;
He rambled through the lowland shades where Mary's cottage lay.
And many's the pleasant smile he gave all on her form so fair.
'Twas little he thought that this fair young flower could bloom and flourish

Young Henry came to Mary's house, his face was full of woe,
Saying, "Mary, lovely Mary, far from you I must go!
My regiment has been called out, and I bave received command
For to forsake the lowland shades for India's burning sands!

"And for to part with you, it almost breaks my heart.
I wish you were my wedded wife before that we would part!
For you to go along with me has been my whole desire."
"Kind sir, your servant I will be, disguised in man's attire!"

So they both set out for Pais-e-ley town and much they gained there,
Young Henry and his gaily girl, so gentle and so fair.
The ladies all admired him while he stood on parade;
It was little they knew that a soldier's coat concealed so fair a maid.

And it's over the seas they sailed, over to India's burning sands;
No tongue can tell what Mary stood all on the tractless lands.
And when she found her strength was gone her mood she strove to hide
Turning around with a pleasant smile saw Henry by her side.

And as the battle was raging, a bullet pierced his side.
He never moved from where he stood, but where he fell he died.
She raised hiln from his bloody gore, and in her arms she pressed,
And while she strove his pains to ease, a bullet pierced her breast.

"I fear you're deep-e-ly wounded, love!" young Hen-e-ry he did say
"I fear you're deep-e-ly wounded, love; your face looks like tbe clay,
And ever since I saw your face, 'twas you I did adore! "
So they closed their eyes to the earth and skies on India's burning shore.

From Shantymen and Shanty Boys, Doerflinger
DT #438
Laws N2

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