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Little Piece of Wang (2)

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Little Piece of Wang (2)

When the good Lord made Father Adam, they say he laughed and sang,
Sewed him up the belly with a little piece of wang.
But when he'd got finished, I guess he measured wrong,
For the piece he'd sewed him up with was very much too long.

"It's but eight inches long," he said, "I guess I'll let it hang,"
And he left on Adam's belly that little piece of wang.
But when he made mother Eve, I bet it made him start,
For the piece he sewed her up with was very much too short.

"It leaves an awful crack," said he, "but I don't give a dang,
She can fight it out with Adam for that little piece of wang";
And ever since that ancient day when human life began,

There's been a constant wage of strife between a woman and a man
For the woman swears to have that piece that on his belly hang,
To fill that awful crack that's left when the Lord ran out of wang.
So let us not be selfish, boys, with what the women lack,
But keep them busy on the wang to fill that crack,
For the good Lord never intended that it should idle hang
When he placed on Adam's belly that little piece of wang.


This version from "Roll Me Over", copyright 1972 by Oak
Publications.  The song is traditional, learned by the editor in
Springfield, Ohio in 1961.
see also Little Piece of Wang

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