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Remember the Alamo

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Remember the Alamo
(T.A. Durriage; tune trad.)

When on the widespread battle plain
The horseman's hand can scarce restrain
His pampered steed that spurns the rein,
  Remember the Alamo!

When sounds the thrilling bugle blast
And "Charge!" from rank to rank is passed
Then as your saber strokes fall fast
  Remember the Alamo!

Heed not the Spanish battle yell,
Let every stroke we give them tell,
And let them fall as Crockett fell.
   Remember the Alamo!

For every wound and every thrust
On prisoners dealt by hands accurst,
A Mexican shall bite the dust.
  Remember the Alamo!

The cannon's peal shall ring their knell,
Each volley sound a passing bell,
Each cheer Columbia's vengeance tell.
   Remember the Alamo!

For if, disdaining flight, they stand
And try the issue hand to hand.
Woe to each Mexican brigand!
   Remember the Alamo!

Sung to last 8 measures.

Then boot and saddle! Draw the sword!
Unfurl your banners bright and broad,
And as ye smite the murderous horde,
   Remember the Alamo!
From The American History Songbook, Silverman

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