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The Scolding Wife

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The Scolding Wife

There lives a man into this toon
     An honest man and a weaver,
He had a wife and a scolding wife
     And he could not live beside her.

He's done him doon to a ship's captain,
     Says, "Buy ye any women?
I have a fine Italian wench
     Just fitting for a seaman.

"It's fifty pounds I ask for her,
     And not a penny lacking."
"Ye'll bring her down to me this night
     And ye'll receive your asking. '

He s done him doon to his scolding wife,
    "'My sweetheart and my honey,
I've bargained with a ship's captain
     For the lands o' brave Virginny.

And all that I do ask of thee
     Is to go to shipboard wi' me,
And a bottle o' good liquor strong
     I shall bestow upon thee."

He set his foot upon the deck,
     "Come here to me, my honey."
He set his foot upon the pier,
     "Goodnight and joy be with ye."

When she did see that she was betrayed,
     "My sweetheart and my honey,
Gin ye but take me back again,
     I never shall offend thee."

"Fare you well, my scolding wife,
     I wish you wind and weather,
And nine months sailing on the sea
     Before you find a harbour."

The captain's called this man aside
     And paid him down his money,
She got another husband there
     In the lands of brave Virginny.

It's all that I do say to you,
     Don't nag your husband, honey,
For fear they take the fifty pounds
     When they grow scant o' money.

From Mt Song Is My Own, Henderson

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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